• Yellow Light of Death Repair

    Revived a CECHE01 console to life which I believe is a 2nd Gen or 3rd Gen unit. I also did some mods to keep it running cool.

    So All in All I used

    -Compressed Air

    -19 Bladed Fan for Heatsink

    -APS 231 Power Supply

    -Artic MX-4 Thermal Paste

    -Ifixit Kit which includes Pads etc

    -Added a 19 Bladed Fan to the Heatsink and tossed the original 15 bladed Fan

    (These can be found on Ebay for under $30)

    -I replaced the original APS-226 Power Supply for the more efficient APS-231 Unit which runs cooler and draws less amps and is compatible with my unit and the 1st and 2nd gen PS3's (These can also be found on Ebay for under $30 but if you have the Slim model disregard because these have a much better power supply already)

    Identification Chart can be found here:

    -Used Artic MX-4 instead of the pasted that comes with this kit because the curing time is instant and has much better properties

    This install is rather simple but the hardest part is keeping the screws organized and remembering where they go for the reassembly. The install time is listed as 1 hour plan for about 2-3 hours if this is your first time doing this. The Ps3 fan has 5 different speeds and is loudest in playing Blu-Ray Movies. If this fix doesn't work go to a professional who has reballing equipment.