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My name is Babatunde Adewunmi, i attend York University located at Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I major in Information Technology and i am currently a full time third year student, my aspirations after my studies is to work with few IT companies to gain experiences to guide me in my career path and hopefully have my company. I am a natural leader with keen ability to solve complex problems, strong communication skills

I have a very Sharp arithmetic and data management skills and ability to work independently with little supervision.


  • Matlab
  • C++
  • Java Programming
  • Microsoft office
  • Advanced Mathematics(calculus, applied statistics, sets and logic)

I have a computer course certificate in Data processing from a college when i was just 14 years of age.

I belong to the NSA(Nigerian student Association) group at York University.


  • I love playing games,

* Listening to music, I listen to Afrobeat and Hip Hop music and a little of R&B. My favorite artist are Drake, kendrick Lamar,Roddy ricch, Dave and lil baby.

  • Shopping
  • Learning new cultures.
  • Watching movies

I want this course to help me improve my writing skills and the way i would present projects because i agree its very important and crucial in my career so i am willing to learn every bit of it!

Favorite meal: Bread— I can literally eat that everyday with anything like eggs, vegetables, sauce, tea and beans, Buy it and i would love you forever ;))