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I'm basically an ET (elec. Tech) who is also a pc tech. I used to work at Admirl TV and appliances where I learned to work on all kinds of appliances. I went to Mechanics Institute and learned electronics, dabbled with early PCs. Worked for Kodak repairing electronic equipment and building print servers that were Unix based. I also know automotive mechanics. I have dabbled and fixed a wide variety of electromechanical equipment. There is nothing I would refuse to fix or dabl with. I recently had a client give me an IPad2 with a broken screen and I now work on Apple equipment. I just had another client give me an Ipad3g 64gb that was crushed on the side of the road after it fell from the top of his car. I upgraded an old 20gb iPod to 40g using a Toshiba micro drive from a laptop. I used to have an old Zenith transoceanic radio that I repaired but it went missing from my home :( shame that someone probably discarded it. Here I am now trying to fix a crushed IPad with any help I can get.

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