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Well hello world of fixers, do-er, and planet savers!

I am the 3PL Warehouse coordinator for iFixit which means I translate English to Barcode, ha! But really I monitor product inventory levels at our multiple warehouses across the world and the rate at which they leave to end up in the loving hands of you all and your freshly repaired electronics. Yeeehaww! Then I work with our awesome sourcing and procurement team to make more to fill up our shelves so the next repairer can save the premature ending of an electronic’s life. In between each of those actions there are planes, trucks, and big ole container ships that live and breath barcodes, purchase order numbers, batch Id’s, Tracking numbers, and product SKU’s just to name a few. So attention to detail, proper counting, and constant communication are keys to my success. I hope to deliver you a top quality repair part soon!

Personally, I love the coast of California and all it has to offer. Camping, hiking, surfing, fishing, and cooking with good friends and my 14 year old GSPointer.

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I once took a seaweed harvesting class and made some ramen on the beach with it! Fun Fact - There are no toxic seaweeds, so eat ‘em all till you find one that tastes good, ha! I’m also working on converting my sedan into a sleeping/camping setup.

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I am a San Diego native but have lived in SLO for 14 years. I was in the craft beer industry for 10 years before switching to saving the world by repairing the world! See you in the SLO life!