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  • Nintendo Wii DVD Drive Lens Replacement

    Regarding Step 32 and 33 - I did this a little differently, and didn't need to bend (plastic deformation) the tin. Complete Step 31, but instead of 'bending' the clips, you release them and pop the tin up over the plastic 'barb' to release the EMI shield. Then, then repeat Step 31 (popping the tin clips off of the barb) for the two tabs on the opposite side (screw side) of the EMI shield. The EMI shield can then be withdrawn, e.g. released to the bottom of the picture in steps 32 and 33, without bending the tin as advised in step 32 and 33. The only mildly tricky part was releasing the clip from the barb near the (blue/yellow/grey/white) wires connecting the laser stepping motor - I used a fine flat screwdriver.

  • Nintendo Wii DVD Drive Replacement

    Note - this screw is a machine screw (e.g. not self-tapping). It screws into a hex nut, and that nut is captive in a slot in the case. When reassembling, ensure that this hex nut is still captive, and has not migrated out to other areas within the Wii.

  • Nintendo Wii DVD Drive Replacement

    The two left hand screws were very difficult to relocate during reassembly. I was coaching my 8 year old through this, and this was probably the only step that he couldn't do. We dropped these screws several times, and used magnets to retrieve. Miniature needle-nose pliers gripping the 'washer' surface of the screw were too wide. We managed to purchase the 'button head' of these screws with the needle-nose and drop the screws into their hole, and push with the phillips until secure. I would like to hear how others install these screws, please.