• My screen is shorting out

    about 3/4 ths of my screen shorts out and there is bunch of different colored lines that show up i can see the whole screen i...


  • Cevap: How to connect to car radio by cable

    you can always upgrade to a newer stereo head unit with and auxiliary port. You can buy a cheaper one to save some money and they are fairly easy to install yourself. Pioneer makes some great head units.
  • Cevap: How can I erase song's from iPod

    you can try resetting your iPod all together but again you would need itunes for that. If you dont have itunes i suggest downloading it...its free
  • Cevap: Why do my earphones sound distorted

    do you normally listen to your music really loud? Because if you do you can end up blowing or damaging the speakers in the ear phones. The stock earphones cant handle a lot of loud music playing. I suggest going to Best Buy and spending a lil money for some nice ones that will last you a long time. Hope this helps
  • Cevap: MacBook Pro randomly shut downs

    I have had the same problem with the same model MacBook Pro except i had the 17". I delt with the problem for about 2 months when my battery finally died and when i took it to the apple store they replaced it under warranty. The weird part was that the inside of the battery had expanded and was bulging out. The people at the store told me that the batteries for this model when they first came out had a defect in them and when they expand they can damage your computer. Thankfully mine expanded outward instead of inward towards my computer saving my hard drive. Anyway i suggest you replace your battery before it gets too bad.