• Nexus One Teardown

    Quote from pookey5:

    The copper foil isn't antenna, that's shielding to fix a sensitivity issue :)

    Can anyone tell me exactly where the GSM/3G HSDPA antenna is located in this teardown? I know the cellular antenna on the nexus is located in the bottom of the phone. but where EXACTLY is it on these pics? its not totally clear or labelled anywhere. Thanks.

  • Nexus One Teardown

    Quote from Jonathan Moore:

    Look carefully at Step 7, second picture. The piece in the technician's hand contains the antenna. It is a black, flat metal piece riveted to that small module, with white writing on it. A similar style of antenna is used in the T-Mobile G1. The little round connector is an antenna connector. If I had to guess, there's probably a connector on the underside of that module to connect it to the antenna connector on the board.

    OK thank you, that makes total sense. there are many complaints about poor reception on the nexus when you cover the bottom of the phone, which makes sense since you are covering the antenna. i've learned to spread my pinky about 1 inch apart, leaving this exact area open, and the signal pops right back up. this picture confirms it is located EXACTLY in that spot. good work!