• Answer to: replacement glass for the iPhone 4

    No one gets OEM everything... It is usually only an OEM LCD assembled to a copy screen. Check the camera hole/black lining to tell. Just watching out for our Apple Lovers. Much love, Charlie
  • Answer to: iPhone gives 1002 error syncing, possible cause the dock connector?

    Hi Brett, That's the terrible thing about water damage; it could be in a pool for ten days and work fine after or 1 drop could end it. If you ever get the iPhone to turn back on, and it just goes through a reboot cycle or connect to itunes, it's pretty much a lost cause. (UNLESS THE ABOVE WORKS...) We have tried so many times to fix a water damaged iPhone with these symptoms, and the only thing that works is replacing the logic board ($300 and up). Please don't shoot the messenger.. we are only here to help! Best, Charlie