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  • iPhone 3G Display Replacement

    Quote from DAR:

    I have been repairing iPhones now for 2 years. This procedure is a waste of time and money, spend the extra 15 bucks and get the glass with the digitizer, you don't have to spend 3 hours to replace your broken glass because you spent 2 of them separating glass from glass. by the way, good luck getting the new glass on with out a scratch or piece of lint/dust in between.

    So my iphone decided to get the "white" screen of death. I have opened it up and cant find anything to be broken. What or how could I diagnose the issue in an attempt to purchase the right parts?

  • iPhone 3G Display Replacement

    if your gentle you wont need any heat source. I was able to remove my old screen without any heat. THAT SAID BE VERY CAREFUL.

    Also a question for everyone... Any ideas how to get the screen to sit flatter (if thats a word). I have replaced the screen however the glass (when re assembled) seems to sit a bit higher.

  • iPhone 3G Display Replacement

    My Screen was totally white... the only thing working was the digitizer. I ended up replacing the LCD after some help from a guy at the local ATT Store (we trouble shot the LCD... he had extra go figure). I would probably say look into just the LCD or the entire top assembly (glass, digitizer, lcd, ect). I dont know for sure but I would thing that water probably destroyed something in there.

    Quote from Daan Zijlstra:

    Mine too. Does your iPhone still work?

    Mine got wet and I dried it for days in a bag of rice. Eventually it started working again and I managed to have iTunes recognize my iPhone once more. I restored it and now the phone works again. Calls etc. all sound brilliant, but it has got a bright, white screen. Underneath I can make out the clock and all the symbols, and it recognizes my finger gestures instantly, but the screen remains bright white with gray horizontal lines/flickerings. I opened up my iPhone yesterday and this didn't resolve the issue. Would this be an LCD problem or can someone tell me what to do?

  • iPod 5th Generation (Video) Battery Replacement

    When removing the battery do not pry to the left of the battery (under the hold switch). Prying there will end up resulting in a torn yellow hold switch wire.

    Also be aware with the newer video iPods there is a ton of tape/adhesive it will be quite difficult to remove the battery... in the end you might end up ripping the hold switch wire anyway.