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I'm an electrical engineering student that is working with a team to complete an iFixit project for a communications class at Eastern Washington University. I prefer to take the technical position in any project, and my skills reflect this. I'm often quick to have a solution to most problems, and to provide my best help if need be. I should be a great I naturally enjoy fixing things as a hobby, and doing different kinds of research projects as well.

In the most recent year I've been researching different types of radio frequencies and their relationship to resonance. As part of this research I often have to construct physical circuits that test my electrical coils, and build capacitor banks to achieve the proper balance. For this I salvage retired televisions and microwaves. I require DIY skills just to take these machines apart, and even more to solder their components together. I’m usually in the middle of either one project or another, and very lucky to be able to attend school in the meantime. I wish to one day contribute to the world with a significant discovery. To do this I must keep searching far and wide for the secrets that have never been able to understand.