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Right to Repair



I am transferred student from Highline college. I have been studying at Eastern Washington University since Fall 2016. I am expecting to graduate in Fall 2019. I am majoring in Electrical Engineering with a minor in African History. At the same time, I have been exposed to different subjects such as History and Photography besides my major classes.

I am a self-motivated individual and a fast learner. My ability to do excellent research will be a great help in finding needed information for my projects. My perfectionism trains me to be taking a detailed look at my work so that I will never make any mistakes regarding the project’s requirements. Also, I am a punctual person; thus, I always try to turn in my projects on time. Although I have not done any major repairing project before, I have taught myself computer skills such as installing software in the computer system. In addition, when I was young, I used to repair and fix toys for my brother and I as well as had a chance to use several tools in the process. For instance, my car toy had disconnected wires and I figured how to fix that by myself using my father’s old wires. To conclude, my curiosity and my knowledge will be powerful tools in understanding and implementing the requirements of the upcoming projects.