1: Transfer the Pokémon you have double or more

You will surely lead to catches many times the same Pokémon to get candy that will ultimately enable you to develop them. Know that you can get rid of duplicates by transferring them to the teacher. This will give you an extra candy for each transferred clash royale hack (and do not ask from what facts are these candies, you do not want to know ...).

2: Use your smart stardust

You get the stardust when you capture a Pokemon or you do hatch an egg. This allows you to increase the Combat Points of your creatures by clicking on the button "Refresh" located in the "identity card" of your Pokémon. It is probably the most important resource in the game. Use it wisely. Recharge priority Pokémon Battle Points which the bar (located at the top of the "identity card" , behind the creature) is high but not its end. Pokémon whose bar is completely filled can not climb CP.

3: Use eggs luck at the right time

These can double experience gains for 30 minutes. Activate them when you plan to evolve a Pokémon go hack, using incense or a lure module (these two objects are used to attract wild Pokémon) to accumulate more experience.

4: Attack the arenas group

When attacking an arena to take control, you're likely to come across more powerful Pokémon as yours. You associate with other trainers will therefore facilitate your work easier. Once the arena under control, do keep a strong and varied types of Pokémon to maximize your chances to keep it. Do not forget to heal your Pokémon using potions or reminders after your battles: time does not heal the wounds in Pokémon GB.

5: Check the arenas to win Poké parts

For Poké parts, which allow to buy items in the game, you can get out the wallet and just pay, or else take control arenas. You will gain about one item per day until it will remain under your control. Place a Pokémon go hack to the defense of an arena will also make you earn coins. To recover, click the top right bubble in the shop of the game.