• Replacing the capacitors on a iMac G5

    Hello, Has anybody ever replaced the (25) capacitors instead of the whole logicboard? Looking for a brief guide as how to do ...
  • Is the A1989 logic board the same as the A1058?

    Hello, I have to change the logic board on an iMac 17" 1.6 GHz model A1989 but only found instructions for the A1058 (same sp...
  • Keyboard

    I have an original A1237, 1.8MHz Air with 64GB SSD on which I have to change the US keyboard (damaged). I have a Spanish repl...


  • Answer to: Keyboard

    Michael, I don't know how to create links here but go to your own post (Replacing the MacBook air keyboard) and you will find my reply. Cheers, Paul
  • Answer to: Replacing the MacBook air keyboard

    Hello Michael, First get your wife to buy a new keyboard ;-) Then, if this is your first tear down, get yourself a set of tools. See the guide for reference. I got mine from ifixit. I have used the guide Ben refers to. Very accurate and useful. Make sure you don't mix the screws up! I used a fair sized piece of paper towel laid down on the table top and scribbled onto it the steps # for each set of screws and size (some steps have you remove several screws of different size). Don't fear, though, the guide is thorough in its steps. Make sure you read them all before starting, it helps. Also have some heat sink paste (instructions and links in that guide). My friend got a used keyboard for 39$ but I don't have a reference. I'll try to get it for you. Good luck, Paul


  • iMac G5 17" Model A1058 Rear Panel Replacement

    My iMac has only ONE catch, the central one, so the two outer screws are not to be touched.

    In fact, I tried so hard to unscrew them, with a good screwdriver, that my hand hurt. Knowing that some times captive things (like these screws or a faucet) can be already at the end of their travel and we only lock them further into that position, I tried both screwing and unscrewing to no avail.