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Hi, my name is Jesse Briones and I am majoring in technology in construction management. Some other subjects I am studying is Engineering, science, and math. My degree allows me to take tons of safety engineering, math, science, and management technology classes. Before construction management, I was actually an elementary education major. After fall quarter I realized I enjoyed working more hands on and decided this was not for me. I attended Chiawana high school then Columbia Basin College. I finished there with my AA degree. The two years I attended CBC, I played baseball. Now, this is my first year at eastern. I was not sure that I was going to attend eastern because part of my family lives on the east coast, Washington D.C to be exact. I had other options but instead came here. I plan to graduate in 2018. Some skills that I have that can benefit the project is leadership, repair, tools, and DIY. This can help my team by allowing me to build our project, having the tools needed to make it, and leading the team to do it on time. I look forward to working with my group and to create or build whatever it is that we must do. Thank you.