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What am I doing right now?

Right now I’m trying to craft the perfect profile page. So far I’m two sentences in and it’s going great.

In a broader sense, I’m working at iFixit as a technical writer, tinkerer, and photographer. I take things apart, figure out how they work, take pictures, and tell everyone about it. Basically, I turned my childhood hobbies into a profession—but now I don’t break things but now I break slightly fewer things.

I spend a lot of my time in the office writing the best instructions on the internet, but I’m lucky enough to have been a part of some other pretty cool projects, too. I’ve appeared on TWiT, helped review a $100 iPhone X, written manuals for Motorola, and consulted on a few engineering and design projects. One time, I even got to fly to Sydney, Australia as part of our team racing to tear down the first iPhone X.

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The team in Australia for the iPhone X teardown.

What did I do before right now?

Before I came here and started playing with gadgets, I graduated from Cal Poly SLO with a degree in mechanical engineering, concentrating in mechatronics. As part of my degree I built an autonomous car that could drive upside-down (and it won our class’s tug of war contest), helped start the Cal Poly Prototype Vehicles (PROVE) Lab, and co-designed the suspension for Dawn, PROVE Lab’s land speed record challenging solar car.

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Dawn, ready to break records.

On my way to iFixit I worked as a mechatronic engineer for an autonomous ground vehicle manufacturer, a sandwich engineer at a sandwich shop, and a bike mechanic. In terms of skills applicable to everyday life, experience as a sandwich engineer has proved invaluable.


Okay I have other hobbies, but most of my free time goes toward riding bikes, racing bikes, and other bike-related doings.

If I’m not on or near a bike, I’m probably rock climbing, backpacking, taking pictures of things, playing video games, reading a book, watching anime, taking stuff apart, or fixing something that I acquired because “it just needs a little work”.

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