• iPhone 3GS Teardown


    Im new here on this forum, im from Germany so please excuse my bad eng ;(

    Well, I bought an Iphone 3 G[S]from Ebay.Uk, for about 700 Euros. (in Europe Iphone is very epxensiv). So my probles is that it sometimes Crush without an reasen (but often after unlock with Ultrasn0w)and doesnt turn on again (display just keeps black)if i do it on my power adapter then it turns on again but when im putting the plug out display is getting black again. Now after many houers/day just spending on restoring i have recogniced that its an hardware defect because if i press 1 cm about the I from the Iphone letters it goes on but then stuck on restart. So i wanted to ask what hardware part is behind the letter I and above i would try to rapair it.

    Have a nice Day.