• iPhone 3G Headphone Jack Replacement

    Joe, I'd really appreciate any advice/instruction on that most complicated part of the operation! Seems to be nowhere on the net that gives this info. I've taken the iPhone to pieces and put it back together as the part I had and the part it's meant to be replace just looked worlds apart (though they were identical on closer inspection).

    Sure others here would love to know as well.



    iggy1967 *at*

  • iPhone 3G Headphone Jack Replacement

    Guys, I really need help! I've managed everything -including replacing all the plastics etc. onto the new headphone replacement and it's all almost ready to go ...apart from the power button!! How the devil do you fit it back on?? I've tried every combination and am staggered that i can't find a single resource online that covers this.

    I'd be in your debt if you could help -and I'm sure there are others here too who'd appreciate it!

  • iPhone 3G Headphone Jack Replacement


    Clear as a crystal! And it worked beautifully. All back together now -many thanks;)

    The vibrate has gone kaput but I think I can live with that;)


  • iPhone 3G Headphone Jack Replacement

    Well after all that my problem persists.

    the iPod plays fine through the speakers, but sounds faraway in headphones -almost as if mono through both cans.

    I've tried adaptors, three sets of headphones and am a little frustrated that even managing to replace the jack hasn't solved this.

    There's nothing online anywhere about this problem, so...who out there has some ideas on what it could be? I'm foxed.