• iPod Nano 5th Generation Teardown

    interesting that the connector says "foxlink" as opposed to "foxconn"

    perhaps foxconn only handles the iphone?

  • Magic Mouse Teardown

    Quote from Billster:

    "By integrating all components within today's mouse and keyboard into the BCM2042, low system costs can be achieved to approach the price points of legacy-wired mice and keyboards." Apparently Apple missed that memo."

    Wow that typifies the bias strewn thought this teardown... Perhaps if they had built a mouse using the standard (inexpensive and not requiring significant R&D and engineering) couple microswitches and a optical chopper pair they could sell it for the $20-$40 that logitech sells it's wired mice.

    But that is not the case is it?

    Stick to the tech, haters benefit no one.

    Err, I hate to break it to you, but this has -one- microswitch, as well as a plain old optical chopper pair. nothing special about either of those. as far as "significant R&D and engineering" goes, capacitive tech has been around for ages, a simple array of sensors isn't anything novel.

    There really isn't anything in this that justifies the ridiculous price tag.