Magic Bullet NutriBullet Blades Won’t Cut or Blend Food

Magic Bullet NutriBullet Blades Won’t Cut or Blend Food

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Does your Magic Bullet NutriBullet no longer spin and blend? Does the motor make noise but the blades refuse to turn? NutriBullet blenders are susceptible to a range of problems that could prevent the blades from cutting or blending food, many of which are simple to fix. Check the following possible causes to identify and solve the problems.

If your NutriBullet is not making any noise and shows no signs of life, see the NutriBullet Won’t Turn On problem page, instead.

If your NutriBullet is making noise but the blades aren’t spinning, see the NutriBullet Blades Will Not Turn problem page, instead.



If hard or frozen food becomes stuck in between the NutriBullet’s blades, the blades may become stuck. Unplug the NutriBullet from the electrical outlet so that it cannot turn on and cut you. Remove the extractor blade to clear any obstruction or build-up of food.


If the NutriBullet cup is filled with too much food and liquid, the blades could be prevented from cutting or blending food. Depending on which cup you are using (30 oz Short Cup or 45 oz Oversized Cup), the cup includes a ‘MAX’ line which indicates how much food or liquid is recommended for the cup. If your food and liquid surpass the ‘MAX’ line, empty some of the food into another cup to blend it separately. Then, replace the NutriBullet cup in the blender and try to blend the food again.


If the NutriBullet’s blades are spinning but do not blend or cut food entirely, the blades may be dull. Users can purchase new NutriBullet replacement blades on the NutriBullet website. Alternatively, remove the blender’s blades and sharpen the blades by hand using a whetstone (knife-sharpening stone).

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