Spring Hook


Product code: IF145-112-1

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Spring Hook


Product code: IF145-112-1

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Working with small springs can be difficult and frustrating. This handy little tool has hooks for both pushing and pulling small springs into place. Reaches into places your fingers can't, and won't damage springs like pliers or tweezers often do.

High quality precision tool made in USA with lifetime manufacturer's warranty.

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Top of the line professional made in USA.

Lifetime Warranty.

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Ron S's Story Photo #804980
Ron S's Story Photo #804982

My Problem

No display - Black plastic clamp on the motherboard that holds the video cable down broke while I was trying to replace the battery. Unfortunately the part can't be easily replaced, so I had to get the whole motherboard. IFIXIT had the right part and the best price.

My Fix

It was quick, swapped the motherboard out in 15 minutes. It would have been 10 if I had tiny hands. :)

My Advice

Go slow, it's easy to break connectors. Take pictures to see how things go back together. Ensure the battery is disconnected first. This fix was pretty easy though.

My Problem

I repair my own and friends' and clients' computers, I needed to stock up on tools and supplies.

My Fix

To quote Al Green's song: 'How can you mend a broken heart?" These tools didn't do it...

My Advice

Yea. Don't ask a wiseacre like me for advice, I'll tell you to wear clean underwear in case you get in an accident.

My Problem

After the 2014 Mac Mini was released, I immediately went to Amazon and bought a quad-core late-2012 Mac Mini with 1TB hard drive. And a 256GB Samsung SSD. And a pair of 8GB memory modules.

My goal was to end up with a maxed-out Mac Mini with a Fusion Drive.

My Fix

The upgrade was very straightforward. I didn't have any issues with disassembly. The magnetic project mat was wonderful.

The worst problem I had was tucking away the power supply cable with two disks installed.

The only other problem was that the disk end of the new cable is quite delicate.

My Advice

Before starting disassembly, I went through the iFixit guide carefully and wrote down the step number in the project mat squares where I would put the teensy parts, and wrote down the name of anything that wouldn't fit on the mat.

I read a lot of comments from various readers commenting on one thing or another. Here're are my experiences...

1) Some people say that you have to push down on the bottom cover when turning. This is totally not true - you just need to turn the cover and only push down as much as you need to grab the dimples with your fingers. Pushing down makes it harder to rotate.

7) I had a really hard time getting the cowling back in place. It had to be firmly pulled out and really didn't want to go back in. I suggest that you pay careful attention when removing it.

10) The antenna connector was covered with a thin plastic cover.

12) When you remove the HDD cable, note how it looks and feels in its neutral position. When I put things back together, they didn't feel like as perfect a fit as I expected.

19) I had a hard time getting the power supply cable tucked back in with two disks installed. When you take out the logic board, have a careful look at where the cable is routed.

28) Be careful with the HDD connector on the new cable. In the picture, see the thin circuit-board-like plate on the back of the connector - between the thumb and forefinger on the left? That snapped right off. It's not an electrical element, but I stuck it back on with sticky tape. (Not duct tape. :-)

32) Based on a lot of comments, I moved the original HDD from its original position to the "buried" (top) drive location. That requires putting the original cable/connector on the SSD, and the new iFixit cable on the original HDD.

33) The plastic shroud around the original HDD covers two of the screw holes needed to mount the HDD in the buried position, so I had to snip off a couple of bits of the shroud.

Finally) I wanted a Fusion Drive, and there's a ton of obsolete information on the web about how to create one. OS X Maverick will take care of it for you. Just fire up Disk Utility from the OS install USB drive and it will offer to put the SSD and HDD back together as a Fusion drive. Back up your data first, however!

My Problem

These are wonderful and useful tool items with no certain purpose in mind.

My Fix

Well the repair that I bought these items for hasn't happened yet. He won't open them until Dec. 25th. Oh boy, then he'll tear stuff up like there's no tomorrow.

My Advice

These many tools that I purchased were for my son for Christmas. He is in the IT field. He has purchased many items from you before and just loves them. That is why he recommended more items from your store to help him with his career and I thought that why not make him more successful than me, (I'm not in the IT area, I can barely type this response.)

My Problem

My son is in the "IT" field and is always wanting more tools and your store has plenty of them.

My Fix

There was no certain reason I bought these products except for that Christmas is coming and my son loves your store. He gave me long list of things that he would like to have and I was able to buy many items because of your good prices.

My Advice

Buy, buy buy. Products are of good quality.


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