Soldering Workstation

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Product code: IF145-238-1

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Soldering Workstation

$49.95 Was $71.50
You save $21.55!

Product code: IF145-238-1

Product Overview

The Universal Soldering Station

  • Don't let blown capacitors or fried transistors stop your electronics! With this soldering station, you'll have everything you need to be the ultimate solder soldier.
  • Build your own speaker cables for that extra audiophilliac edge, or get hacking on a brand new robotics project. The possibilites are endless.
  • Looking for a great project to jumpstart your soldering career? Check out our Electronics Skills Kit 101.

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My Problem

Having a baby requires some good tools, specifically a white noise machine and a baby monitor. Imagine the chances of both breaking in the same week. The manufacturers told me that they would not repair and I could not return so the only hope was to buy new ones (not happening).

My Fix

Cake. I used my soldering station to reconnect the buttons that had come unattached. The noise machine took me about five minutes. The baby monitor took two tries; about 10 minutes. This was my first time soldering but clearly if I (a noob) can figure it out, anyone can do it.

My Advice

Make sure you get a good flow from the solder and fully connect the part to the metal on the board. I was a bit stingy the first time around but once I tested the baby monitor and realized it still wasn't fixed, I gave it another shot of solder and I was good to go.

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