This teardown is not a repair guide. To repair your HTC Desire 626S, use our service manual.

    • The tools you need are something to pry the frame open and two screw drivers one philip and one security torx

    • Start with opening the back of the phone

    • Then unscrew the 7 screws that are around the frame of the phone and don't forget the one screw thats in the middle

    • Pry frame open with these tools and don't force it or you may snap your frame

    • Then your going to take the battery outbid gently pulling upward on the wires that is connected to the white piece of plastic

    • then you going to take the the strip on the left hand side of the phone and pull it out with you fingers

    • then you take out the strip that is on the right side of the strip u just took out. (Use fingers)

    • Then you then you pick up the top phone chip and go to the bottom of it to take out the black strip which is the last one.

    • then take the bottom rectangle chip and take it out with the top square chip keep the black wire on the chips cause its hard to put back on

    • Then take out the top speaker

    • take out bottom speaker

    • When your finished the phone should look like this

    • <<<<<

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