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On front from left to right it has an Activity LED, the floppy slot, and a soft eject button to engage the electronic eject function of the floppy drive.

The eject button has a hole at its center through which the user can insert a paperclip to manual eject a stuck floppy.

At back from left to right is the pass through 19-pin connector for daisy-chaining more drives, a plastic loop for a kensington lock, and the hardwired cable for plugging into the computer or earlier drive in the chain.

When new this drive came with a plastic cover over the daisy-chain port. It is very rare to find a drive that still has this cover, though if one is present it can be removed with a flat tip screw driver.

[IMPORTANT]Apple floppy drives should never be connected or disconnected while the computer is on as it can damage the floppy controller on the computer's logic board.

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