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Time for our favorite part, chip identification!

Samsung K3PE7E00M-XGC1 8 Gb LPDDR2.

Hynix H8BCS0QG0MMR memory MCP containing Hynix DRAM and STM flash

Qualcomm MDM6600 supporting HSPA+ speeds of up to 14.4 Mbps

The Qualcomm PM8028 chip works in conjunction with the Qualcomm MDM6600 to provide wireless data connection to the phone.

Motorola T6VP0XBG-0001 LCM 2.0 LTE baseband processor.

ZE55431140KHD, which appears to be the RAM sitting atop the main processor.

How do we know the processor is lurking beneath? Check out the chip package-on-package goodness in the second image. The processor is the orange chip beneath the RAM.

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