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After the cradle is removed you can see the board that is secured with two screws, one of which I've already removed when disassembling the cradle.

I removed the screw in the red circle and pried with the spudger where the red arrow is, in the direction of the blue arrow. Had to push the LED inwards with my thumb as needed until the board came lose.

The gold and red cables that go to the speaker was troublesome as I almost yanked them apart when removing the PCB..

The second picture, with the screw (PH2) and yellow circle, holds the resonance speaker in place (this one was loose in my case and I just had to tighten the screw a bit). Had to be careful with the speaker cables again since the speaker dropped out quite easily when the screw was removed.

Note that I did not remove the plastic separator between the speaker and the PCB as it is there to keep the PCB at the correct height, and is well secured with even more RTV

Final picture depicts a gutted Mighty Dwarf.

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