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I wanted to take this thing apart in order to identify a problem I had, which was that it was rattling when playing music. And in my curiosity I decided to take it apart completely, and post it on here for others to see.

To start things of, I began with removing the SD-card. (Red arrow, second picture)

To gain access I had to use a metal spudger, insert it between the housing and the top cover.

The lid is about 3-4mm thick and glued all around with some kind of RTV, I think, and needs alot of force to pry loose, hence the metal spudger.

Beneath the lid lies the battery. It has normal tacky glue on the backside to secure it in the cradle it's in, I needed to pry it loose for steps to come, carefully not to yank it out, it's soldered to the PCB and I just needed it to be loose.

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