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We go in for a closer look at the e-paper display, which in itself does a great job encapsulating the design choices and trade-offs of the Pebble Time.

With its comparatively limited color range (64 colors) and brightness, this display doesn't "pop" in the same way as some other smartwatch screens—but it has the distinct advantage of being always on, and of being fully visible in direct sunlight.

If you just want to know the time, it's there. No need to flick your wrist or squint at the display. However, there's also a manually-activated LED backlight, meaning there are still times when the display might be hard to read without a little brightness boost.

Pebble tells us this is a low-power, memory-in-pixel LCD. Through a microscope, we can see how the color trick is handled—different sized subpixels mix to create color.

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