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We're all about comparing apples and oranges, so we start off by seeing how the Time relates to another smartwatch we have laying around. This 38 mm Apple Watch Edition will have to suffice.

While they're roughly the same size, and serve somewhat similar functions, these displays take radically different approaches:

The minimalist, 144 x 168, 64-color, Gorilla Glass-topped e-paper screen on the Pebble stays on all the time—without compromising the battery.

On the other hand, the Apple Watch's touch-sensitive, sapphire-covered, 272 x 340 display is pretty, but also power hungry—so it spends most of its time switched off to conserve power.

Another immediately noticeable difference is in the weight. At 42.5 grams, the Time clocks in at well under half the heft of the 93-gram Apple Watch Edition.

Our hand model also notes that the Pebble's band feels a bit softer and more comfortable. Which is more durable? Only time will tell.

Did we mention there's a price difference? There's a price difference.

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