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This can be resolved by inserting a screw driver and gently forcing the slot into sight.

Next a pair of either combination or slip joint pliers are needed to hold the gear,

To remove the blade gear, turn the Magic Bullet on its side and use a flat tip screw driver on the bottom end, and the pliers on the base gear. Turn the blade gear in clock wise direction to remove it off the shaft.

The blade gear has a left-hand thread, which is opposite to the normal screw thread. So it will loosen when you turn clock-wise.

You may find it easier to remove the blade gear after the motor assembly has been removed from the body in Step 8.

If the blade gear refuses to budge, give it several sharp taps with a small ball end hammer directed at the center of the boss.

Note that the blade gear needs to be removed only if it is to be changed.

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