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Now it's time to insert your prying tool. I'm not an expert here, but it works pretty much the same way it does for iPods. Only here there are just a few brackets and they are fairly sturdy, so they won't break very easily. If you have any doubts about techneque, check out an iPod guide such as this one.

Know this: during the opening process, you WILL chip little flecks of paint off of the back cover. It is virtually unavoidable.

Before you begin, take note the locations of the 5 brackets that are on the inside of the device, which I have marked here.

I suggest starting on the side with the headphone jack. Start by inserting one tool just under a centimeter from the bottom end. Gently wiggle and slide the pic up toward the hold switch. In the process, you should hear two soft clicks. Once you've wiggled yourself a gap, swap it for a placeholder (I used a thin metal pic to pry, and a cheap plastic to hold it open).

Then move your primary tool to the opposite side of the device and repeat; Only this time, start toward the top and work your way down. You will likely hear two more clicks. From here you should have a considerable gap from one side - through the bottom - and to the other.

Leave your placeholder where it is and begin prying on the top edge. This should lead to the fifth and final click.

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