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Here's some photos that I have missed out. My apologies to the chaps on the comments section below for being a little late for my reply :)

Taking out the digitizer was actually an easy feat. Preferably, use a heating element to quicken the opening process. Take note, it is glued around the sides

Now if you are lacking an iOpener tool from iFixit or a heat gun, you can improvise! Just fill a huge water proof plastic bag with boiling hot water; rest it on top of the screen for 2 minutes. [Credit goes to Felix Last for his advice]

My first attempt was without using a heating element (Big Mistake!), I used my finger nail to try to make an opening. Unless you have an already damaged screen, I would avoid doing so.

Shift the bag slightly to reveal the weakest point on the touch panel (usually at the middle) and with the help of a spudger, attempt to slot in gently for an opening. Just like the previous steps, go around it gently and once all the glue edges are up, lightly lift it up

Take note of the position of the home button

Last I check on ''this site'', there are good load of shipments available for order from China

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