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So far, disassembling these earbuds is fairly non-destructive compared with certain competitors (albeit still not exactly repair-friendly). Let's see if that pattern holds as we dive into the charging case internals.

Fortunately, the clear adhesive used in the headphone stems isn't any more troublesome in the charging case. Some heat and a good slice from an opening pick grants us entry.

Separating the two white halves of the battery housing is a bit more of a challenge—they're connected via clips and plastic nibs, which are not only glued but seem to break easily as well. With careful heating and prying this is manageable, but definitely not ideal.

Overcoming this hurdle reveals the single-cell battery inside the charging case, and a stacked circuit board.

Did we say stacked? Oh yes, in each half of the housing we find a board held in place by standard Phillips screws. They're tethered together via a seemingly sturdy bridge connector.

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