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The in-ear portion of the ear (1) houses the driver assembly, while the battery stays in the outer half of the head.

Besides the driver, we find a microphone on this flex cable assembly similar to the one we found in the AirPods Pro. It's positioned to detect in-ear noises for more effective active noise cancellation (and probably helps isolate your voice for clearer calls, too).

The driver used in the ear (1) measures 11.6 mm and the voice coil has a diameter of 5.7 mm.

A headphone driver actually consists of three elements: a magnet to create a magnetic field, the voice coil which moves the diaphragm to create the sound you hear when an electric current passes through, and the diaphragm which vibrates to create the sound waves traveling into your ear.

The last component of the in-ear portion is the tiny driver grille, quickly pushed aside with the help of a spudger.

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