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Before heading into these crystal sound caves, let's do a quick comparison to the AirPods Pro:

With a height of 28.9 mm, the ear (1) are slightly smaller than the 30.9 mm AirPods Pro, and 0.8 g lighter.

Although the stem of the ear (1) is rectangular with rounded corners, the head looks very similar to the AirPods Pro head, but without any mesh grills for pressure equalization.

Charging is handled a bit differently between these two, with a pair of circular contacts on the ear (1) placed at the inner side of each stem, whereas each AirPod Pro charges via a stylish metal ring at the bottom.

We're unable to find any model number on the ear (1)—not even an L or R to identify which bud goes where in the charging case (or your ears). Instead, the "left" and "right" indicators consist of red and white dots on the earbud stems, which match up to similar markings within the charging case.

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