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Here's where our disassembly efforts get gummed up.

The display—rumored to be a Sharp Memory LCD—seems firmly glued to the front half of the plastic enclosure. If you need to replace your display, you'll probably need a whole new plastic face—we were not confident we could separate the screen without destroying it. Probably not expensive, but not ideal.

Meanwhile, the buttons and other various I/O live on this sprawling flexible printed circuit, which is glued to the midframe. We started to un-glue it before realizing this wasn't a good, or reversible, idea.

One huge bright spot, though, is this 100% modular headphone jack. Is that considered retro now? Whatever the case, we're big fans.

A Knowles SPH1642HT5H-1 MEMS microphone can be found near the headphone jack, too!

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