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Moving along to a box within the box, we lift the power supply away from the main assembly.

This PSU's primary rail outputs up to 21.25 amps at 12 volts, which equates to 255 juicy watts.

Add the peripheral 60W output, and you get a total of 315 watts. That's quite a bit higher than the One X's 245-watt power supply, but still less than the optical-drive-having PS5's 350-watt unit.

Why does the PS5 have a significantly beefier PSU? Check back in a short while for our PS5 teardown to find out!

How well does this power brick stack with its contemporaries? We asked power adapter expert Ken Shiriff of

Overall, it looks like a compact, high-quality power supply. They're not cutting corners to save costs. That said, the power supply doesn't reach Apple's level of density and complexity.

The power supply uses pricier but longer-lasting polymer capacitors instead of electrolytic ones to filter the 12V output.

It does warn you to operate it below 2,000m—so maybe don't take it to Santa Fe, NM.

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