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With the disc drive out, the remaining innards are contained within this massive assembly, which is mostly just heat management strapped to some boards. Teardown complete? No. I think we're just getting started.

If you're wondering about the black rubber strap, its primary purpose seems to be isolation—from vibration, and noise. This extra bit of cushioning helps prevent any harshness from disturbing your gaming.

There are a few convenient labels here: "center chassis," "PSU," and "AC cable routing." These are slightly helpful for reassembly, but not exactly repair instructions.

Microsoft didn't waste any space inside this thing—check out how much volume is dedicated to the heatsink. Thermal design is a big part of any console creation, and it's clear the Series X is built to run cool and quiet.

Mounted up front is one of two antenna boards inside the tower. The redundancy might serve to ensure a solid connection in either of the console's two orientations: tower mode, and awkward mode.

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