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You could remove this friendly Seattle Frisbee from the bottom just for a quick toss, but we're not here to play around. There are, in fact, more screws hidden underneath.

We wish we could have left this alone, because removing it took some tedious internal unclipping.

The optical drive comes out next. And much to our amazement, it's the familiar old drive returning from the Xbox One S and Xbox One X—same model number and all!

Exciting? Well, yes and no—but mostly, no. Our tests suggest the optical drive's internal circuit board is paired to your console's motherboard, which means no easy replacements if the drive goes kaput.

That said—just like the One S and One X—if you can de-solder the board from your original optical drive and transplant it into a new drive, you're back in business.

In any case, one of these chips might be responsible for the intimate motherboard/optical-board bond:

Microsoft MS0DDDSP03 ARM—probably the optical drive controller

Texas Instruments TPIC2050 9 channel motor/laser driver

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