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Liftoff! Four Phillips screws and some clips are the only things standing between customers and an open DualSense controller. Not bad.

Just like the DualShock 4 and DualShock 3 before it, the DualSense battery has a tough plastic shield and is not glued in place.

For sheer battery-swapping serviceability, this beats almost any modern smartphone (though not quite all of them).

This grey monolith clocks in at 5.7 Wh. That's a sizable increase from the DualShock 4's 3.7 Wh pack, and there's a good reason for that extra juice: something has to power all this crazy new tech.

The new DualSense cell is more in line with the 5 Wh pack in Nintendo's Switch Pro Controller, which is also pretty easy to replace.

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