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Leaving all the tiny tri-point screws out of the picture for clarity, we feast our eyes on the latest edition of Apple's mobile health diagnostic machine timepiece.

Repair-wise, we're happy to see the fussy Force Touch gasket gone, and only two fragile cables tethering the display.

Thicker rubber-like adhesive on the display and back plate also safeguards the watch against unwanted ingress (or in our specific case, wanted ingress).

Despite the almost imperceptibly thinner design, Apple packed in brand-new sensors in addition to the larger-capacity battery and beefier Taptic Engine.

They just keep polishing this thing to a higher and higher gloss and it’s almost sneaky how much of it they don’t tell you about, keeping all the focus on the whiz-bang health features.

Huge thanks to Creative Electron for partnering up with us once again! They're responsible for all the mind-bending X-rays in this teardown.

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