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Let's talk about battery replacement. Obstacle 1: glue. Lots. Obstacle 2: Tri-point screws. Yuck. Obstacle 3: One battery's connector is pinned underneath the motherboard.

As is often the case with Microsoft devices, it seems like the only way to kill power is to remove the board completely... Making any repair just a short circuit waiting to happen.

It really doesn't seem like Microsoft had any thought of battery replacement in mind here. $1400 is a lot to shell out for any device, let alone one with a built-in death clock.

The larger of the two batteries clocks in at 10.37 Wh, and the smaller one at 2.89 Wh. That's good for a total of 13.26 Wh.

Both are quite fittingly labeled, "This component cannot be easily replaced by user." (So, you're telling us there's a chance!)

That's not quite Galaxy Fold or Huawei Mate Xs status (16.87 Wh and 17.32 Wh, respectively), but it's better than both smaller foldables: the Galaxy Z Flip's 12.74 Wh and the Moto Razr's 9.7 Wh.

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