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On the flip side, we find some easy purchase under a speaker grille—the cutout is conveniently in the case rather than a thin part of the screen, making the glass a bit less prone to cracking around our pick.

That said, this screen-first entry is no picnic. Hefty heat, some booby-trap cables, and unprotected displays under the glass make this procedure a doozy.

Eschewing those trendy and somewhat unproven folding displays in favor of a twin-screen configuration was bold, but potentially a lot of work if you ever have two cracked screens to repair. Double jeopardy!

We suppose the dual-screen factor is what makes this a "Duo." That means if and when they transition to a foldable display, it will be a ... Solo?

Like some of the other specs in this device, the displays are flagship-tier by 2019 standards, which means no high-refresh rate here. Just two venerable 60 Hz AMOLED panels from LG Display.

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