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We might not need all 112 bits to dismantle this Pixel, but we're glad we brought our Manta Driver Kit along for this one! We fish out a Torx 3 bit and start twirling away screws.

Normally, we love pulling out stretch-release adhesives—they're far more repair-friendly than messy tapes and glues. But you gotta pull at a shallow angle to avoid snagging and breaking them, and good luck doing that here. Like in the 3 XL, you'll likely need to remove the motherboard for adequate clearance, which requires many additional steps.

With the benefit of experience, we carefully complete the battery extraction using some IPA and gentle prying.

Underneath, a small but serious landmine lies in wait for would-be repairers: a delicate Active Edge flex cable, just begging to be accidentally sliced during battery extraction.

The battery itself is a 14.24 Wh cell (3700 mAh at 3.85 V). That's up from last year's 13.2 Wh, and nipping at the heels of the thumping big batteries in the iPhone 11 Pro Max (15.04 Wh) and Galaxy Note10+ (16.56 Wh).

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