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Here's that new Smart Connector in all its glue glory.

What's that? You want a cheap iPad, but you're holding back because you want to connect a Smart Keyboard? Well boy, howdy! Apple did just that.

There are no moving parts here, so you'll probably never need to worry about a Smart Connector replacement. But even if you did, this Smart Connector is actually pretty accessible by ordinary iPad standards.

Meanwhile, over on the logic board, we've got these goopy antenna cable sockets. What is the function of this new goop?

Speculation: corrosion protection, tamper-proofing, or simply a concession to the powerful goop lobby.

Cables aside, we bring the heat one last time to pry this sticky logic board free from its home.

Sticky logic boards, sticky logic boards, why must you stick? Every time we think of thee, thou makest us sick.

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