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Despite its improvements, this beautiful butterfly's life was still tragically short.

For the most part, it looks like Samsung quietly made all the durability quick-fixes we suggested in our original Fold teardown! You're welcome, Samsung.

We found covers over the gaps on either side of the display crease and tape around the inside of the hinge, both working to keep debris away from the backside of the display.

For further reinforcement, there's an extra layer of metal bonded to the back of the display.

Last but not least, the screen protector is slightly larger, hiding its tempting edges beneath the plastic bezel.

That said, this thing is still pretty fragile. We'll have to see how it holds up in the real world, but for now we can't help but wonder: why weren't these revisions a part of the first Fold? It took reviewers (and us) less than a week to figure out the phone's weak points. Why ship something they must have known to be so easily breakable?

While the phone is easier to get into than some, it still seems alarmingly fragile—a bad sign for repair.

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