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Well, well—this must be the reinforced screen we've heard so much about. And we do indeed find an extra metal layer, like chainmail armor between the backing plates and the display.

Backing the new notched armor layer are the aforementioned metal support plates, whose edges are adhered to the phone's frame. This leaves the center spine free of adhesive for a wider-radius fold.

All this metal makes the display surprisingly rigid, even when separated from the chassis.

Once removed from the chassis, the display looks completely flat, with no fold or scoring in sight.

The "Advanced Polymer Protective Layer" on top of this flexible display—the one that caused all that ruckus before—is still not to be removed. But at least Samsung has removed temptation by extending it just about all the way to the edges of the screen.

We still can't believe that this layer wasn't hidden from the get-go. It looks so similar to the pre-installed screen protectors that ship with Galaxy S10 phones. Did they really think no one would pick at it?

We're guessing that removing this layer still kills the display, and since Samsung asked nicely, we'll leave it in place ... for now.

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