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Next up: the magic hinge that makes all of this folding wizardry possible, looking pretty similar to the last Fold we saw. Let's count it down:

Four spring-loaded clasps lock the display in the "open" position. The system is well-engineered and likely to last a long while.

Two hinges, secured to the spine—one at the top and one at the bottom—allow for some horizontal play in order to absorb any torsion force.

One center hinge, which sports a gear system. This distributes the opening force equally, ensuring that the two halves of the phone open synchronously.

The two well-routed flex cables serve as a corpus callosum between the phone halves. Each end of the cable is held securely in place before the bend, giving the cable room to flex freely.

Routing flex cables through hinges is a serious reliability concern over the long haul. This one looks designed to hold up—but if it doesn't, at least the cable itself is modular, unlike some others we've seen.

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