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Now bezel-less, the screen is primed for prying off! We didn't need any heat last time, but today it seems Samsung isn't taking chances—they want this screen to stay put, and have added an extra sticky strip of black tar goop.

The screen is still adhered only along the outer edges—probably to allow the screen to float as it opens and folds.

For once, the relative difficulty of replacing the screen is not even our biggest beef. You wouldn't even have to drop this thing to break it, meaning screen replacements seem inevitable, and that's a scary thought.

Samsung generously offers to replace it for just $149—but only once, so make sure you use a light touch.

Granted, using plastic instead of glass as an OLED substrate means this display is less likely to shatter—but there are other modes of failure.

A single ultra-wide display cable connects the display to the board.

That means The Verge's reported "jelly scrolling" was probably due to the display driver software, not a split display.

Could they have updated the display driver for the second launch? Absolutely! Did we turn ours on to test before we took it apart? You ask too many questions.

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