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With all the interesting inner bits out of the way, we turn our attention to the star of the show: the foldable OLED display itself.

The interior bezel lip—still held only by light adhesive—comes up without much of a fight.

Normally we overwhelmingly prefer a light touch when it comes to adhesive. And yet, in this case, we can't help but worry these bezels may peel over time, exposing the screen to damage.

These bezels are super slim—when peeled up, they barely cover two millimeters of display.

With the bezels pulled up, you can see the new T-shaped plastic protection caps guarding either edge of the display's fold. A flexible gasket stretches over the gap, tucking under the tail of the T.

This is definitely an improvement over the gaping hole left here in the gen-1 Fold—but will it really keep all your pocket lint and Cheeto dust from working its way into that display? For that matter, what about ants? No really, what about ants?

Better hope you live in a bubble...

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