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One battery, two batteries, way-too-much-glue batteries. In typical Samsung fashion, they come out with isopropyl alcohol and a lot of swearing.

If dimensions are your thing, the taller, front-facing battery is 42.2 x 76.8 x 3.8 mm, and the battery in the rear-facing section with all the cameras measures 42.6 x 64.3 x 4.8 mm.

But really, here's the measurement that matters: 8.22 and 8.65 Wh, respectively, or 2135 mAh and 2245 mAh.

Those are each less potent than the 11+ Wh power packs in any of the S10 phones, but in tandem they provide 16.87 Wh of power.

That's less than most tablets, including the 19.32 Wh cell in the newest iPad Mini—but since this is technically a smartphone, that's ... impressive?

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